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Magnifying Mirrors

Magnifying Mirrors Can Help You See Yourself in a New Light. Magnifying mirrors are a welcome addition to any bathroom, bedroom or powder room in the home. With powerful magnification up to 5X, the vision impaired can have an easier time putting on makeup or removing makeup, combing their hair or just tidying up their appearance. With various types of magnifying mirrors available, it should be no problem finding the right one to fit your décor. Wall mirrors, bathroom mirrors, even lighted makeup mirrors all offer the powerful magnification that the visually impaired require. Given as a gift, your friend or family member with low vision is bound to cherish their wall mounted magnifying mirror. For individuals with low vision, it can be frustrating to use a mirror. It can be very difficult to find proper focus when dealing with a regular mirror. The magnifying mirrors listed below offer a comfortable solution for the vision impaired when it comes to using a mirror.

  • 7x Adjustable Gooseneck Mirror
    7x Adjustable Gooseneck Mirror

    6" diameter adjustable gooseneck mirror. Stand comes with suction cups to allow for... read more
  • 5x Stand Mirror
    5x Stand Mirror

    7" diameter hand mirror with 5X magnification on one side and a regular mirror on the other.... read more
  • Double Sided, 5x/10x Mirror
    Double Sided, 5x/10x Mirror

    This unique mirror has a 5X mirror on one end and powerful 10X mirror on the other. Can stand... read more
  • 5x Compact Mirror - Black
    5x Compact Mirror - Black

    Magnifies with absolutely no distortion. Weighs just four ounces. Tortoise shell case with... read more
  • 5x Magnifying Stand Mirror
    5x Magnifying Stand Mirror

    5X magnification in a prescription quality 4" lens that allows you to see regardless of your... read more
  • 4.5x Magnifying Mirror
    4.5x Magnifying Mirror

    This 4.5X Magnifying Mirror adjusts to any angle. Wall mirror swivels from regular to 4-1/2X... read more
  • 5x Panoramic Makeup Mirror
    5x Panoramic Makeup Mirror

    5X/1X magnification. Four different light settings: evening, home, office, or day. Two... read more
  • 5x/1x Double-Sided Lighted Mirror
    5x/1x Double-Sided Lighted Mirror

    Double sided 4 1/2" mirror with pivotal head. 5X/1X magnification. Chrome finish with... read more
  • 10X Stand Mirror
    10X Stand Mirror

    Reversible 6" vanity mirror has a 10X mirror on one side and flips to a regular mirror on the... read more
  • 7X / 1X 9.5
    7X / 1X 9.5" Oval Illuminated Mirror - AC Powered

    This is an elegant illuminated oval mirror with a satin nickel finish and offers a reversible... read more
  • 5 X/1 X  7
    5 X/1 X 7" LED Illuminated Mirror

    This battery operated mirror has a 7" dual sided mirror with 5x on one side and 1x on the... read more
  • 8x and 3x Magnifying Mirror
    8x and 3x Magnifying Mirror

    Distortion-free mirror offers 8X magnification on one side and 3X on the other, for a true... read more

Every Style and Type of Magnifying Mirror Available

When it comes to magnifying mirrors, nobody has a wider selection than LS&S. We provide wall mounted magnifying mirrors to take the frustration out of getting ready for a night out on the town or a simple dinner with a friend at home. LS&S make it our goal to provide our customers with low vision the products designed to make everyday tasks easier. With the bathroom mirrors and various other magnifying mirrors listed above, we’re proud to offer just that extra little slice of independence.

For details on any of our Magnifying Mirrors, click on the categories above. For more information on these or any LS&S products, call us toll-free at (800) 468-4789 or toll-free at TTY (866) 317-8533. We will be happy to answer any of your questions.


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