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Pill Boxes, Organizers and Pill Containers

Never Forget Your Medicine Again with These Medicine Aids. Medicine organizers allow you to have your daily medicine already planned out for you. All you have to do is, once a week, fill up the pill boxes with the medicines that you need to take on each given day. Then, simply open up the pill organizer and take that day's dosage. It's time efficient and best of all - it's easy. Other medicine aids include advanced products designed for proper eye care, such as eye drop guide. It allows you to place eye drops in your eye effortlessly and mess-free. The available pill splitter takes the frustration out of trying to cut a pill in half. The medicine aids listed below allow the independent person a chance to control their medicine dosage. Another advantage to using pill organizers is you never have to try and remember if you've taken your medicine. Simply look at your pill container to see if that day's medicine is still in it.

  • Reminder Rosie Voice Controlled Clock
    Reminder Rosie Voice Controlled Clock

    Reminder Rosie is a voice-controlled clock that records your personalized voice reminders... read more
  • Recordable Pill Reminder - AC Adapter
    Recordable Pill Reminder - AC Adapter

    This is an AC Adapter for our recordable pill reminder item number 101068. This will allow... read more
  • 7 Pack 7 Day Colored Pill Boxes
    7 Pack 7 Day Colored Pill Boxes

    The 7 Pack - 7 Day Color Coded Pill Box Set is great for helping you manage your daily... read more
  • 4 Times a Day Pill Container
    4 Times a Day Pill Container

    This colorful pill box has sections for dosages four times a day, seven days a week. This... read more
  • Jumbo Plastic Pill Box
    Jumbo Plastic Pill Box

    This Jumbo Pill Box is a great for helping with medication organization. This box has a... read more
  • Braille Pill Box, 7 day compartments
    Braille Pill Box, 7 day compartments

    This weekly pill organizer has braille markings on each of the days, which is great for blind... read more
  • Pill Splitter
    Pill Splitter

    This pill cutter has a 2X magnifying area to easily see the pill you are cutting. A great... read more
  • Eye Patch
    Eye Patch

    This black eye patch is good to use after eye surgery or when using a magnifying glass, as it... read more
  • Talking Rx Pill Bottle 12-20 dram
    Talking Rx Pill Bottle 12-20 dram

    The Talking Rx Pill Bottle reduces medication misuse. This simple, easy to use device tells... read more
  • Eye Drop Guide
    Eye Drop Guide

    The Eye Drop Guide holds the eye open and directs a drop in. The guide allows for easy... read more
  • Prodigy Count-A-Dose 1/2CC
    Prodigy Count-A-Dose 1/2CC

    The Prodigy Count-A-Dose allows a blind or visually impaired person with diabetes to fill an... read more
  • Syringe Magnifier - 2X Magnification
    Syringe Magnifier - 2X Magnification

    The Syringe Magnifier provides 2X magnification for easier calibration readings for 1cc and... read more
  • Vial Center Aid®
    Vial Center Aid®

    The Vial Center Aid® helps visually impaired users line up their needle in the top of the... read more
  • Magnifying Cap Remover
    Magnifying Cap Remover

    This Magnifying Cap Remover easily opens child safe medication bottles. Additionally, the 4X... read more
  • Safe Shot Syringe Loader - Fixed Dose
    Safe Shot Syringe Loader - Fixed Dose

    The Safe Shot measuring device helps set up pre-measured insulin dosages for accurate... read more
  • Talking RX - 40, 60 Dram Size
    Talking RX - 40, 60 Dram Size

    The Talking Rx Pill Bottle reduces medication misuse.  This simple, easy to use device... read more
  • Recordable Talking Alarm Clock - Pill Reminder
    Recordable Talking Alarm Clock - Pill Reminder

    The Recordable Talking Alarm Clock is the ideal clock for many uses around the home. The... read more
  • MagRX Medicine Bottle Magnifier
    MagRX Medicine Bottle Magnifier

    The MagRX is an extremely efficient medicine bottle magnifier created specifically for low... read more
  • Diabetic Alert - Bracelet
    Diabetic Alert - Bracelet

    In an emergency, a diabetic bracelet can alert others to your medical condition.... read more
  • Prodigy Lancing Device
    Prodigy Lancing Device

    Lancing device is a trigger action, pen type device with 5 depth settings. The device... read more
  • Diabetes Register
    Diabetes Register

    This large print register allows visually impaired to have an accurate, easy to read, neat... read more
  • Talking Ear Thermometer
    Talking Ear Thermometer

    This talking ear thermometer works quickly and accurately, returning results in less than 5... read more
  • POURfect® Measuring Spoon Set With Braille
    POURfect® Measuring Spoon Set With Braille
    POURfect® measuring spoons are super accurate, easy to use, and include Braille markings. The... read more

Everything You Need in a Medicine Organizer

By offering these medicine aids, we hope to provide our customers with an easier way to manage their medicine. With the strength of most prescribed medicine, it can be dangerous to take more than one day's dosage. Likewise, the danger can be just as severe if you forget a dose. The medicine organizers and pill boxes listed above make those worries a thing of the past. Also, the eye care product can actually save you money in the long run due to the fact that it actually makes sure the drops get in your eye and not wasted as it rolls down your cheek. Your eye drops will last longer and you'll feel the beneficial effects of them more significantly.

For details on any of our Medicine Aids, click on the categories above. For more information on these or any LS&S products call us toll-free at (800) 468-4789 or toll-free at TTY (866) 317-8533. We will be happy to answer any of your questions.


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