Learning Sight & Sound Made Easier

  • Pinochle Cards
    Pinochle Cards

    Regular size Bicycle cards in a Pinochle deck, with extra large, 1/2" numbers for easy... read more
  • EZ Low Vision Cards - Single Pack
    EZ Low Vision Cards - Single Pack

    EZ Low Vision Playing Cards are standard Bicycle cards made for low vision users with jumbo... read more
  • EZC Playing Cards
    EZC Playing Cards

    Large 1-1/4" numbers are easily read by visually impaired individuals. High contrast white... read more
  •  Marinoff Large Symbol Playing Cards
    Marinoff Large Symbol Playing Cards

    With easy to see font and color, Marinoff Large Playing Cards let people with low vision play... read more
  • Braille Uno cards
    Braille Uno cards

    UNO is one of the world's most popular family card games, with rules easy enough for kids,... read more
    Temporarily out of stock
    Expected: 07/31/14
  • Card Player Card Holder
    Card Player Card Holder

    Attractive, fan shaped playing card holder helps keep your cards in place. Cards won't fall... read more
  • Playing Card Holder 10 Inch
    Playing Card Holder 10 Inch

    Easily used by those with poor sight or reduced finger control. The 1/2" wide slot opening... read more
  • Braille Playing Cards
    Braille Playing Cards

    Standard size plastic braille playing cards with regular print are brailled in the upper left... read more


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