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Infila Needle Threader
Infila Needle Threader
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If you love to sew then you're aware it can sometimes be difficult to thread needles. This is the perfect needle threader for all skill levels. Now you can thread needles without seeing the tiny holes. Have fun sewing again and regain some independence. There is no more straining your eyes or hands when sewing


  • Infila Needle Threader automatically threads large or small needles
  • Simple push button operation for single or double threading

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QuiltStar Posted By: VS
Date Posted: 2010-09-02 01:13:59
EXCELLENT product - it doesn't look like much, but it really works like a champ. I use it regularly. Caution, may shred some threads since the bars that stuffs the thread into the needle on earlier versions was a slightly rough metal. Don't know about this later version.

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