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Meteor Deaf Blind Watch - Black

Meteor Deaf Blind Watch - Black
Item #: 741021
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The Meteor Pocket Watch is a watch that allows a person to know the time of the day simply by pressing three buttons. The buttons will cause a set of vibrations to occur, thereby telling the user the time. The Meteor is constructed of ABS resin, which gives its crescent moon shape a pleasant feel. This pocket watch is water resistant and weighs only one ounce. With its rounded bottom, the Meteor fits in the palm of your hand and will slide easily into your pocket.

The Meteor pocket watch indicates the time via inaudible and discreet vibrations.

This Pocket Watch Has 3 Buttons:
  • The upper button for Hours,the central button for Tens of Minutes and the last button is for Minutes.

Time Indication:
  • Briefly press the upper button to indicate the Hours, the central button indicates the Tens of Minutes, and the last button indicates the Minutes.
  • A short vibration indicates 1 unit and a long vibration indicates 5 units.
  • The indication range for the Hours is 1 to 12, for the Tenth of Minutes 0 to 5 and for the Minutes 0 to 9.

  • 3 short vibrations indicate 3 Hours or 30 Minutes or 3 Minutes depending on the pressed button.
  • 1 long vibration indicates 5 Hours or 50 Minutes or 5 Minutes depending on the pressed button.
  • 2 long vibrations followed by 2 short vibrations indicate 12 Hours.
  • No vibration indicates 0 Tens of Minutes or 0 Minute depending on the pressed button.
  • The buttons may be pressed in any order. For example, you can check just the Tens of Minutes and then the Minutes.

Watch Setting:
  • Press and hold the upper button to set the Hours.
  • Press and hold the central button to set the Ten of Minutes.
  • Press and hold the last button to set the Minutes.
  • Hold the button until the end of the long vibration, which indicates you are in setting mode.
  • Each of the short vibrations that follows, counts for 1 unit and adjusts the watch until the button is released.

Batteries will last between 2 and 5 years depending on the usage of this pocket watch.

Manufacturers Warranty
Alexandravision watches are guaranteed for 2 years. This warranty covers all manufacturing defects.

This warranty does not cover the normal wear of the materials of which they are constituted, nor damages due to any abnormal use, nor the battery. The Meteor is water resistant. It can be cleaned with a wet tissue, but it should NOT be submerged in water.

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For Audio Instructions click here.

Downloadable Manuals

PDF Format: Click Here to download the Manual in PDF format. You can get Adobe's PDF Reader here.
Windows Word Document Format: Click Here
Click Here to download the Instruction Manual in TXT format. This format can be used by screen readers as well as any text to speech player.

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