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Talking Infrared Thermometer

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Product Description

This Talking thermometer uses infrared technology to measure ambient temperature. Great for measuring fridge, freezer, or oven temperatures or detecting whether and electric burner is hot. The thermometer is also good for water or oil temperature. It will not, however, measure internal meat temperature. Unit can function in Fahrenheit or Celsius/Centigrade. Features a talking tutor. Speaks in English, Spanish, or French.

It is really easy to use, simply aim the unit at the the object and press the temperature button and it will announce the average temperature within a one foot radius. You can also use the scanning function for finding hot objects. The scan function will emit a slow beep that will increase in rapidity as you get closer to the hot burner or pan. Ideal for those with flat cook top stoves who are visually impaired.

Operates on 2 AA Alkaline Batteries, do not use rechargeable batteries as their output voltage is too low for this device.

Product Manual
Click Here For the Talking Infrared Thermometer Instructions

Product Specs

Sku: 421177
Weight: 0.400