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Portable Lights, Flashlights and Book Lights

Portable lights come in handy especially when you least expect it. An electrical outage can be a frightening experience if you aren’t prepared with an alternative lighting source. With the recent weather-related emergencies across the country, it’s more pertinent than ever to have an emergency kit with first aid and portable lights. The portable lights listed below come in various designs to meet certain needs. The visor lamps allow your hands to remain free to work. The bright LED mini flashlight is an ideal portable light to keep stashed in an emergency kit or in a drawer where it can be easily grabbed if necessary. The portable book light can be used to read a story to a child to calm them down before bed, or to read in bed while your partner rests beside you. Portable emergency lamps can be just what you need to get through a dark and dreary night with no electricity.

  • Flipit The Stick-on LED Light - 2 per pack
    Flipit The Stick-on LED Light - 2 per pack

    Never again be daunted by a power outage or left in the dark. The light will continue to... read more
  • Cordless LED Reading Lamp
    Cordless LED Reading Lamp

    A portable battery operated floor lamp which features 30 Natural Daylight LED bulbs, on a... read more
  • LED Adjustable Beam Desk Lamp
    LED Adjustable Beam Desk Lamp

    Here is a desktop version of our item number 401088 LED Adjustable Beam Floor Lamp. This... read more
  • Casebrite - Phone Case Plus Powerful Light
    Casebrite - Phone Case Plus Powerful Light

    Not only is it a protective black colored case for the iPhone 6 and 6S, but it is a powerful... read more
  • Big Larry LED Flashlight
    Big Larry LED Flashlight

    Meet the Larry Light™ C LED Pocket Work Light's BIG brother. Here is the new BIG... read more
  • Battery Operated 30 LED Desk lamp
    Battery Operated 30 LED Desk lamp

    30 LED battery operated lamp provides great illumination and portability. Lamp can either be... read more
  • Larry Light C LED Pocket Work Light
    Larry Light C LED Pocket Work Light

    The Larry™C has been improved and is now brighter than ever. It is now, equipped with... read more
  • VisionEdge Clip-on Light
    VisionEdge Clip-on Light

    The VisionEdge™ Clip-On Light is specially engineered for low vision users. This... read more
  • Touch LED Lights, 3 Pack
    Touch LED Lights, 3 Pack

    Put a little extra lighting in all of those awkward dark areas with these 2 1/2" LED touch... read more
  • LED Flashlight - Black
    LED Flashlight - Black

    This extra bright flashlight features 9 LED lights and measures 3-1/2" for easy storage in a... read more
  • LED Task Lamp With 30 Bulbs - White
    LED Task Lamp With 30 Bulbs - White

    The OttLite LED Task Lamp features 30 super bright OttLite LEDs for low vision individuals.... read more
  • Ott Lite Contemporary 13 Watt Task Lamp
    Ott Lite Contemporary 13 Watt Task Lamp

    The OttLite Contemporary Electric Task Lamp has a multi-position shade that folds up or down... read more
  • LED Headlamp
    LED Headlamp

    This lightweight, energy efficient head lamp lets you work hands free with plenty of light.... read more
  • Twisting Portable 6W LED Task Lamp - White
    Twisting Portable 6W LED Task Lamp - White

    The Daylight™ Twist Electric LED Lamp is a small footprint light source that offers... read more
  • Daylight Smart Travel Lamp, LED
    Daylight Smart Travel Lamp, LED

    This modern, portable and multi-purpose lamp delivers a battery life of up to 10 hours... read more
  • Daylight Smart Clip-on Lamp
    Daylight Smart Clip-on Lamp
    Rechargeable clip on LED light has 3 brightness settings. It can easily clip onto a book,... read more
  • Daylight 5D Halo Magnifying Lamp
    Daylight 5D Halo Magnifying Lamp
    The Halo magnifying lamp is an innovative lamp is that is foldable and lightweight, allowing you... read more
  • Dual Beam Flashlight
    Dual Beam Flashlight

    Ingenious ergonomic flashlight has one beam which shines right at your feet, so you can watch... read more
  • Lil Larry Light
    Lil Larry Light
    Lil Larry™ is the latest addition to the Larry family of lights, and it packs a punch. At... read more

Enjoy the Convenience of Portable Light Wherever You Need It

The uses of portable lights are numerous, and the varieties are wide also, but one thing is certain, LS&S has the right portable light for you. Whether it’s under the counter accent lights or LED flashlights for the whole family, you have the necessity and we have the portable light for it. For the ultimate in portable light, the rechargeable Colman lantern provides an impressive 9 hours of illumination on a single charge and the three-pack of emergency lights will chase the shadows away and keep spirits up until the power gets turned back on.

For details on any of our Portable Lights, click on the categories above. For more information on these or any LS&S products, call us toll-free at (800) 468-4789 or toll-free at TTY (866) 317-8533. We will be happy to answer any of your questions.


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