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Talking Watch 1-Button White Face Two-Tone

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Product Description

One of the easiest watches to use, the Talking 1-Button Watch speaks the time only—no alarm or chime functions here! A simple and elegant design, this talking watch will appeal to people with visual impairments looking for something simple.

This is our new two-tone, gold and silver color, one button watch with expansion band.

  • Simple 1-button design
  • Only speaks time
  • Stylish design


  • White face with Black numbers
  • Two-Tone expansion band and case
  • Available in Men's or Ladies (Please specify)
Watch Setting Instructions for this 1 Button Talking Watch

Downloadable Manuals

PDF Format: Click Here to download the single page of instructions in PDF format.
You can get Adobe's PDF Reader here.

To learn how to set the time on this one button watch in basic text format, click here.

Product Specs

Sku: 101101
Weight: 0.14 each