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10" Portable CCTV with Distance

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Product Description

This sleek 10" portable CCTV offers a large widescreen viewing area and dual lens design for both close up and distance viewing. In close up viewing mode, continuous magnification ranges from 2X – 18X. Distance viewing is available by simply folding in the built in reading stand. 12 color select modes are available, with the ability to choose 3 favorites. Freeze frame allows you to snapshot and save up to 20 still images for viewing elsewhere. It also includes line marking for better tracking of your reading material.


* HDMI output for viewing on an existing high definition monitor or television.
* 4 hour battery life on a 5 hour charge, can also be used while plugged in an charging.
* Weighs 1.5 pounds.

Product Specs

Sku: 251104
Weight: 1.500 each