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Bed Spectacles

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Product Description

These Bed Spectacles have right angle prisms that allow you to read, write, or watch TV while lying down, without lifting or moving your head. These spectacles are comfortable and easy to wear for any amount of time. Low vision individuals can enjoy reading and watching TV from the comfort of their beds with these spectacles.


  • Lightweight lenses with prisms that change the line of sight without distortion
  • Also great for the bedridden or hospitalized
  • Allow for easy viewing with less neck strain


  • Handy carrying case included

Product Specs

Sku: 228
Weight: 0.210 each

Product Reviews

  • bed spectacles

  • I'm ordering another pair today, and have worn these for years. I had a slipped disk in my cervical spine in the early 90s with lots of pain and tingling down my arms. After giving me neck exercises to do for two weeks and telling me to lie flat in bed looking up at the ceiling for sleep, the neurosurgeon said we would otherwise go to surgery. I missed my TV and that is when I saw and bought my first pair of TV specs and used only a rolled hand towel under my neck, and was able to watch my TV in bed without neck strain. I also was a good patient and did my neck exercises and watched my posture at work and my neck and arm pain resolved! I still sleep flat with a small, scrunchy down pillow to cradle my neck or plump up for when I want to side sleep, and have worn out or given away several pairs of specs. My favorite aid for 20 years!

  • Posted by Eloise Lukas on Jul 7, 2014
  • Great product

  • I love my bed spectacles. These glasses are fantastic and they are so comfortable to wear. I work on a computer all day and it is such a comfort to now be able to lay flat on my back and work on my laptop at home, read, watch TV and even follow along with my exercise videos. Thanks LS&S, these glasses are the best. Whenever I have the chance to recommend the bed spectacles I recommend LS&S.

  • Posted by Leslie N on Apr 19, 2012
  • Good Bed Spectacles

  • I like to watch TV and sometimes read in bed and it was always so uncomfortable because my arm would tingle, my neck would hurt, I just could not get comfortable. I called LS&S to see if they had a product that could help me. I spoke to a wonderful, very informative customer service rep who explained the bed spectacles and how right angle prisms work which would allow me to watch TV, read and even write while laying down. I am so comfortable and warm under my covers watching TV and reading while laying in bed. I love my bed spectacles so much, I knew my family would as well that is why I have purchased several more pairs. I even use my bed spectacles when I am laying on the floor exercising to my exercise DVDs, I can easily follow the instructor now.

  • Posted by Marylin H. on Mar 24, 2011

  • This product is a total God-send if you suffer from back problems or are bed-ridden. More and more people are getting problems with their back these days - the reason being that the human body is not designed to be sitting hunched in front of computers for as long as we now do. This product is part of the solution - I now spend a lot of my work time lying comfortably on the floor wearing these puppies and working on my laptop. GET THEM! Also, the service from LS&S is great. : )

  • Posted by Ryan J-W Smith on Jan 13, 2009