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Colorino Color Identifier

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Product Description

The Colorino Color Identifier can distinguish over 150 different shades, including colors as specific as Light Red and Vivid Red. Very accurate and easy to use, Colorino is perfect for people with low vision when picking out clothes, sorting laundry, and matching colors.


  • Announces over 150 different color shades
  • 3 volume settings
  • Light probe feature
  • Earphone jack for privacy (Not included)


Product Specs

Sku: 461001
Weight: 0.325 each

Product Reviews

  • Colors not always accurate.

  • This system works okay. I tested it with my sighted sister who had fun testing it and she found some of the colors were not exact. Like a light gray or dark gray, vivid red with scarlet red etc. However with this product I can now get dressed with confidence knowing I'm matching the correct color group and not mixing a purple sweater with a green skirt.

  • Posted by Jamie Keyes on Mar 24, 2011
  • Sometimes need extra light to function

  • I got this for a blind friend, and he uses this to identify what the color of his clothes in his closet. He was using aluminum braille labels earlier, but this is so much simpler. Sometimes though, it seems like it needs more light to accurately work - if it is dark, it will not identify colors and keep saying "black". I do not feel like its a reason to return it, as I installed a light in his closet. The shipping from the seller was very fast for this item.

  • Posted by Giovanni Adelbresi on Mar 14, 2011