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Eltrinex Talking Digital Voice Recorder

Eltrinex Talking Digital Voice Recorder Click to Enlarge
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This Eltrinex V12Pro Talking Digital Voice Recorder has a specialized voice guide in English, which allows for easy control for visually impaired users. This unit records in very high quality MP3 and WAV (up to 48kHz, 24bit, Stereo Linear PCM) modes. It features big buttons for easy operation and it has sensitive microphones with low noise. It operates on 2 AAA batteries. The memory capacity is 16 gB for long recording (over 8000 hours using super long play mode). It also features automatic gain control, an FM radio with automatic tuning with manual presets, and it has the ability to record in Stereo manually or with a pre-set timer. You can set up this recorder for timer recording and timer playback at any time.

Recording can begin with simply one touch of a button. Edit of the recorded file (split, rewrite, append) can be performed easily. Record and add a voice description to the recorded file as desired. The Eltrinex Talking Digital Voice Recorder is suitable for audio books and music files and it has a handy resume function so that you can pick up where you left off when listening to an audio book. Enjoy endless recording while powering the unit with its USB cable.

This manufacturer seems to have thought of everything when they created this talking digital voice recorder!

Here is an audio interview about the Eltrinex V12Pro Talking Digital Voice Recorder:

Here is a short video on reading filenames on this Eltrinex V12Pro Voice Recorder for visually impaired users.

Another video on Basic Operations of Eltrinex V12Pro voice recorder for visually impaired users

April 26, 2019: A new firmware update is now available for the Eltrinex. Please click below to download the new update and to find instructions on installing the new update.
Click here for: Firmware for voice recorder Eltrinex V12Pro (Firmware version H 410)
Click here for: Instructions for installing firmware upgrade

Product Manual
Click Here For The Eltrinex Talking Digital Voice Recorder User Manual in Adobe pdf format.

You can download Adobe's free PDF Reader

Click Here For The Eltrinex Talking Digital Voice Recorder User Manual in Windows Doc Format.

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Review this Product
Simple Fantastic Voice Recorder Posted By: Reginald George CATIS and AT Specialist WA DSB
Date Posted: 2018-05-31 11:42:28
I don't typically openly rave, but I finally got my hands on my Eltrenix talking voice recorder today. This is the recorder I feel that I personally and our agency has been looking for forever. The description doesn't even do it justice. There is a micro SD card slot on the top. A hardware switch on one side for meeting and interview, and one on the other side to lock the keyboard. Wind screens are included for the excellent angled stereo microphones, and there is an external microphone jack. The ability to index and edit recordings, the loudness of the onboard speaker, the clarity of the voice, the editing and indexing capabilities, expandable memory, and the excellent voice guidance right down to verbal numbering of the recordings, all make this hands down much better than the Olympus comparable options. You can use it as a simple recorder, or get really deep with advanced features. The only thing that would be nice is if they had included a case and a rechargeable battery, but battery life is good, and using lithium AAA batteries it should last a very long time.
Eltrinex V12Pro Talking Digital Recorder Posted By: Curtis Chong
Date Posted: 2018-06-07 13:07:24
I recently acquired the Eltrinex V12Pro Talking Digital Recorder. As a Blind person who has used hand-held digital recording devices of one form or another for more than two decades--from the VoiceIt digital recorder (which held three minutes of recorded information) to the talking Olympus DM-620 digital recorders--I want to tell you that the Eltrinex V12Pro is by far the most nonvisually-accessible and versatile digital recorder ever to be introduced to the Blind community. Before the introduction of the Eltrinex V12Pro, three things always troubled me about the digital recorders on the market. First, most of them did not have any voice guidance. This meant that a Blind person couldn't perform many configuration tasks independently. This also meant that the more complicated command sequences to operate the recorder had to be memorized. Secondly, for the overwhelming majority of digital recorders, once a person finished a recording, the audio file could be played or deleted but never changed. Only the Sony digital recorder (which did not have voice guidance) had the ability to add to an existing recording when it was finished. Finally, while I was glad to find Olympus digital recorders with voice guidance, I was disappointed that I could not independently set the date and time. Now consider the Eltrinex V12Pro, the most recent digital recoerder I know about the enter the market. Every single menu and setting is verbalized with its voice guidance system. A Blind person can even set the date and time and can specify whether the time is specified using a 12-hour or a 24-hour clock. In addition, for each recording that is created, it is possible to add information to the beginning of the recording (referred to as a label) or to the end of the recording (appending to the original recording).

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