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Ambutech Graphite Folding Cane Marshmallow Hook Tip

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Product Description

Graphite canes are 20% lighter than aluminum and feature aluminum ferrules and double stranded elastic cord to fold and unfold with ease. Fingerguards made from molded nylon on each joint prevent pinching. Cane available in 36" to 64" length in 2" increments—please specify when ordering.

* Formerly known as the HG4020.

Cord Lock Feature

Product Specs

Sku: PGS4020
Weight: 0.470 each

Product Reviews

  • A Great Cane With Great Tactile Feedback

  • Summary: This is a lightweight cane with great tactile feedback. Full Review: I have used canes from AmbuTech, WCIB, and Advantage. Without a doubt, AmbuTech graphite canes are my favorite. I have the most experience with AmbuTech canes, albeit aluminum ones. That said, I have found (through experience) that AmbuTech canes are more durable than those from WCIB or Advantage. In terms of graphite canes, the AmbuTech graphites feel sturdier--they seem to have a tighter fit when unfolded--than their counterparts from Advantage. As far as differences between the AmbuTech and the Advantage graphites, the following come to mind: 1. The AmbuTech graphites seem to fit together better than those from Advantage. 2. The AmbuTech canes have hook-on tips, which are lighter than the slip-on variety and, I think, fit more securely on the cane and provide better tactile feedback.

  • Posted by Michael Hansen on Aug 16, 2011