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HALOS Home Package

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Product Description

HALOS tactile icon combination packages to label your entire home!

HALOS stands for Home Appliance Labeling and Overlay System. It is a system of shapes that represent different appliance controls such as start, stop and timer. These tactile icon stickers adhere to your touch surface appliances so you can identify the location AND function of the buttons by touch.

This package contains four groups of stickers - starts and stops, washing set, cooking set and a keypad set. The package is available in high contrast orange, black or clear.

Start and Stops
Probably the most used controls in the home, this package contains the following tactile icons -
6 - start
6 - stop/clear
4 - on/off
2 - clock
2 - timer

Washing Set
This package works well with washers, dishwashers and certain dryers.

2 - Heavy Load
2 - Normal Load
2 - Light Load
2 - Temperature
2 - Hot Temperature
2 - Medium Temperature
2 - Cold Temperature
2 - Auto/Smart
2 - Rinse
2 - Spin

Cooking Set
This package works well with ovens and microwaves.

2 - Bake/Roast
2 - Broil
2 - Convection
2 - Warming
2 - Defrost
2 - Increase
2 - Decrease
2 - Auto/Smart Mode
2 - Power Level
2 - Light

Keypad set
This package is used to label any numeric display.
It contains 12 flat round stickers and 2 domed round stickers. The domed stickers identify the central number on your keypad.

If the keypad is a 4x3 layout, use the domed sticker on the 5 key. If the keypad is a 2x5 layout, use the domed sticker on the 3 key.

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