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MANOtouch 5

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Product Description

With Reinecker's MANOtouch portable CCTV's, all operating controls are managed through a simple and intuitive touch screen display, with all of the controls highly customizable according to a user's specific needs. Magnification ranges from 1X to 20X on the 3.5"touchscreen or from 1X to 33X on the 4.9" touchscreen. Innovative camera technology offers LVHD (Low Vision High Definition) technology to produce optimal image processing with flicker-free viewing. It also minimizes reflections from high-gloss papers and removes all image distortions. Other features include a multi-functional cover/stand, HDMI port for export to an external screen, optional inductive charging for super easy charging, and multiple color modes. Freeze frame can save up to 100 snapshots. Battery life is roughly 4 hours after a 4 hour charge.

Product Specs

Sku: 251108
Weight: 0.750 each