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Miniguide Mobility Aid

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Product Description

The Miniguide uses ultrasonic echo-location to detect objects in its vicinity, vibrating based on the distance to objects—the faster the vibration, the closer the object. A headphone jack can be used to provide sound feedback. The Miniguide supplements the information provided by a guide dog or cane—an interesting alternative for visually impaired or blind users.

The Miniguide is not to be used as a primary aid.


  • Size: 3" long, 1.5" wide by 0.9" thick
  • Weight in ounces: 2.32 (66 grams) with battery installed
  • Battery: CR123A 3 Volt (often used in cameras) included with Miniguide

* Note: We do offer the Miniguide Holster (our model number 541024 which is listed below in related products).

** Per the user manual, "The Miniguide contains a single battery, a CR123 type lithium battery. This type of battery is commonly available, particularly from stores selling photographic supplies. Only use batteries from well known and respected manufacturers. Spare batteries should be kept in their original packaging in a cool dry place."

Product Manual
Click Here For The Miniguide Instructions

Product Specs

Sku: 541023
Weight: 0.100 each

Product Reviews

  • Mini-guide story to share

  • The Mini-guide "saved" one of my Deaf-Blind trainees recently. He was standing at a traffic light intersection adjacent to a new light rail station. He was exploring the station and learning some local destinations close by. The adjacent intersection equipped with Polara Tactile APS pedestrian signals indicated a WALK signal and he was prepared to step out. Simultaneously a cement truck blew through on the yellow then red light --- he picked up the truck with the Mini-guide and chose not to step into the street. We talked about what had happened and he was exceedingly appreciative of the device and what it had just done for him. I was standing behind him when this happened, so I was there to intervene if needed, but the example was powerful for him. This is an intersection he will be frequenting with regularity.

  • Posted by Mini-guide on May 31, 2016
  • miniguide

  • Great ETA!!! This item does not come with batteries. Remember to order them when you order the item. L S & S could you please list the size in you item description? Thanks

  • Posted by Debi Trout on Jun 2, 2014