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Nady Personal FM System

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Product Description

Nady Systems has been designing, manufacturing, and marketing wireless microphones since 1976. Nady is well known in the recording industry for their high fidelity, patented clear, natural sound. Their FM system brings commercial sound quality expertise to a personal, easy-to-use system for hard of hearing users. This system brings you commercial quality clear, professional sounding audio without distracting ambient noise and can transmit up to 200' away, or 500' with line of sight. This system consists of one receiver and one lavaliere transmitter with Nady's state of the art microphone. The receiver is ultra-compact—not much bigger than a cassette—and the transmitter is available in five different frequencies. The Nady System provides 16-20 hours of battery life from a single 9 volt battery.

Includes three year warranty. Earphones sold separately.

Product Manual
Click Here For Nady Personal FM System Instructions

* Additional receivers (our model 781012) are available in related products listed below.

Product Specs

Sku: 781011
Weight: 0.950 each