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Neckloop Telecoil Coupler 3.5mm Plug

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Product Description

This neckloop is designed to magnetically couple the audio output from such devices as amplified telephones, personal amplification systems, FM systems, and TV listing systems.

After plugging the neckloop into these suggested items, it will transmit the sound directly into any hearing aids equipped with the T-Coil ability. The T-coil is commonly referred to as the T-switch or telephone switch and is located on the hearing aid or is built into the aid.

The neckloop will also work with such items as TV, tape recorders and any device with an 8-16 Ohms audio output 3.5 MM mono jack.


  • 18 Inch Cord
  • 3.5 MM Plug
  • Accessory for the WIR 125 TV System

Product Specs

Sku: HI-NKL001
Weight: 0.120 each