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Pyramid Talking Clock

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Product Description

The Pyramid Talking Clock announces the time when the top button is pressed. For the daily alarm feature, choose between a crowing noise or a loud signal. The setting features are on the underside of the clock which makes it less likely to get reset in error. Allow the clock to rest on it's feet and press down on the top button whenever you would like to hear the time. This is a great talking clock for low vision, blind, and hard of hearing individuals.

Requires four AA batteries – not included.

Feel free to hear how this Talking Alarm Clock sounds!

Product Manual
Click Here For The Clock Instructions

Product Specs

Sku: ST-10
Weight: 0.590 each

Product Reviews

  • Great for the price!

  • I purchased this clock for my grandma and she loves it. I was very easy to set up. She hits the top of the pyramid to get the time. The setting buttons are hidden, so she doesn't get confused. Her friends also appreciate it and can't wait to get one.

  • Posted by Sally H on Apr 19, 2012
  • Excellent Product

  • I have had one of these clocks since 1989 and it stiil work GREAT. I am now married and have children of my own. I was so happy to find out they are still produced. I recently purchased 2 more for my kids to have one of their own. Makes a GREAT gift and Conversation Piece. I will probably buy more. Paul McKinney

  • Posted by Paul McKinney on Jan 24, 2011
  • Useful and Creative Item

  • We have had 5 of these clocks for the past 15 years. We bought them from a street vender in New York and they all still work. One has lost a little volume, but they are great.

  • Posted by L Godley on May 26, 2007