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RiVO2 Bluetooth Smartphone Keyboard

RiVO2 Bluetooth Smartphone Keyboard Click to Enlarge
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RiVO2 is a portable Bluetooth keyboard about the size of a credit card. This keyboard makes it easier for blind and visually impaired smartphone users to access all the functionality of their phones by using the tactile keys of the RiVO2.

With its 20 tactile keys, RiVO can manage 50 phone navigation commands, touch typing, Voice Over support, and music and audio control. Examples include commands to switch between apps, scroll through a page or list, read an item, or search your phone. All phone sounds, including VoiceOver, can play through the keyboard's speaker or earphone jack, allowing you to keep your phone tucked away. A built in microphone allows the user to access Siri, while still keeping the phone tucked away. RiVO supports 27 languages, including English and Spanish.

Product Manuals

Plain Text Format: Click Here for the RiVO2 Smartphone Keyboard Instructions in TXT format. This format can be used by screen readers as well as any text to speech player or OCR.

Review this Product
Rivo2 Bluetooth Keyboard. Posted By: Stephen
Date Posted: 2019-08-14 17:07:30
First of all when you get this keyboard! You need to go and update the keyboard to the latest firmware. After you update the keyboard, you can then use the keyboard for Android Smart Phones with either Talkback and or the Samsung Screen reader (Voice Assistant). The only issue I ran into on Android phones is if you need to swipe up with two fingers to unlock your phone. However that is the only thing I found an issue with as far as you can't do it with this keyboard. You will ned to swipe with two fingers, then use the keyboard to enter your code. You will also need to go and get the latest manual for the keyboard as well. LS&S has an old version. The current firmware as of August 14th is 2.4. Same goes for the manual. I've tried making and receiving calls on the keyboard and it works well for that. You don't even have to be in the phone app on the phone to be able to make and receive calls. I was also able to plug the keyboard into my audio mixer and use it like an wired headset. You can also change the volume from the keyboard. You can use the keyboard in T9 whare the 2 is A, B, C or you can use it in there QWERTY format as well. For me, it is easier to use it in A, B, C mode. Also whehn using it on Android, it doesn't support all the languages. I think it only support English. I found the keyboard works well with the Samsung Galaxy S10E that I use it with. I've used it with both Talkback and the Samsung screen reader. You will need to tell the keyboard what screen reader you are using. So if you switch screen readers on the fly, you will need to then change the keyboard to the screen reader you are using. If you don't, some of the screen reader commands will not work correctly. That is easy to do and only takes maybe 4 seconds to tell the keyboard to switch to the other screen reader.

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