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The Stress Less Drink Holder

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Product Description

At last a cup holder for home, no longer are you restricted to the cup holders in your car. This marvelous drink holder is a wonderful aid for around the house at your favorite comfy chair or couch, bedside, desk, or even dining room table. This steady Stress Less Drink Holder™ provides one with confidence and independence while reducing messy spills and frustration.

The Stress Less Drink Holder™ can accommodate a variety of beverage containers from mugs, coffee cups, glasses & tumblers. It has a built-in Coaster and a Handy Holder for personal items like tea or sugar packets, a pen or magnifier, even your glasses, or whatever you wish to place in those slots.

Its adaptive coaster rim helps user locate their beverage and it will contain any spillage that may occur.

This is definitely a great gift for yourself or someone you know who has a visual or medical impairment.

* Note: Mug is not included.

Product Specs

Sku: 421167
Weight: 0.300 each