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Touch To See Labeling Sheet

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Product Description

These labels were developed for the visually impaired to label items with their names or directions of use. You can label medicine and dosages, canned goods, clothing drawers, and much more. The letters are 3/4" high and outlined with tactile bumps. Beneath the letter is the braille symbol, which measures 3/8" high.

Product Specs

Sku: TTS
Weight: 0.080 each

Product Reviews

  • touch to see (Blind)

  • I rated this product as a 4, but if I was able I would have otherwise chosen a 3 and a half. The quality and durability of the product is very good, but the problem is, there is not an equal amount of alphabetical letters, especially with regard to Q's as I believe there are only 2. My touch to see letter labels were used for labeling medicine's, vitamins and spices and at this point having used all my letters and most numbers with incomplete abbreviations, let alone words, codes and warnings, I must order more in order to label correctly. Common sense tells me; the producer of this product has already decided that there aren't a lot of items spelled with Q's, B's, D's etc, but that is the farthest from the truth.

  • Posted by ed Davis on Sep 22, 2018