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Typio Typing Tutor Software

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Product Description

Typio Typing Tutor is an accessible typing tutor software program designed by a Blind Rehabilitation Instructor for use by teachers of the visually impaired. This software is not only a great typing tutor that is developed to be utilized by teachers of the visually impaired, but it can also be used by anyone who wants to finally learn to type.

For the student it has guided instructions covering the entire keyboard along with fun sound effects and visual enhancements. For the teacher it has customizable practice lessons, individual student record keeping with detailed, printable reports, and the ability to review past lessons. Comes with 45 lessons which automatically save progress and advance only when the student meets their pre-set goals. Teachers can also create custom lessons.

This software is entirely audible and highly-visual, it enables one to learn to type without the process being overly complicated. There are progress modes to guide students through 45 lessons while covering an entire QWERTY keyboard. There is a free type mode which allows students to type freely without any prompting from the Typio software while it will also saves and shares useful stats for later review. The practice mode allows one to review the included lessons.

No other accessible programs are required to use Typio on your personal computer. Typio is an all-inclusive accessible software program.

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Product Specs

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