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WayAround Starter Pack

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The WayAround Starter Pack gives you a sampling of all of the different WayTags™, so you can try them out and decide which you like best. This Starter Pack contains 60 WayTags, including stickers, magnets, buttons, and clips. Square WayTag products work on metal objects. A round shape won't work on metal.

The Starter Pack includes:
10 WayClips™
5 On-metal WayClips
15 WayTag stickers
5 On-metal WayTag stickers
10 On-Metal WayTag magnets
5 WayTag 2-hole buttons
10 WayTag oval hole buttons

WayAround Product Tagging
The WayAround product line is a combination of smartphone app and physical WayTags™ that allows you to tag and label nearly everything in your environment. Download the free app for either iPhone or Android onto your own smartphone. Attach one of the different shaped tags to clothing, food products, files, medicines and more. Create a label for that tag on your phone by either typing or recording your message for that tag into the WayAround app. Add custom description for any item plus more details like washing instructions or purchase and expiration dates. To identify that item in the future, scan your smart phone over the item, and the item information is displayed on the phone. WayAround works with the accessibility settings on your phone. To hear your information spoken aloud, turn on VoiceOver or TalkBack to hear that information out loud.

WayTags come as stickers, magnets, buttons, and clips. Some can go in the washing machine and some can go in the freezer. All tags are roughly the size of a quarter. Special tags are required for metal products. Square tags must be used on any product that has metal (such as a food can, or a metal cabinet.) Some tags can attach to awkward objects like bottles or cartons using clips, safety pins or rubber bands. You can reuse your WayTags again and again. To change a description or add details, edit the information in the app and retag any item. Or move a tag to a different object and completely change the information. Tags can be purchased in individual packages of 25 tags per shape, or you can purchase starter packs for various applications.

WayAround uses Near Field Communication (NFC) and works with most smart devices. Use the link below to check you own smart device's compatibility with WayAround. Any iPhone older than a 7 does not have NFC. If your device cannot support NFC, you can still use WayAround, by using the optional WayLink scanner. The WayLink scanner itself is about the size of a credit card and one half-inch thick and connects to your personal phone using Bluetooth. It serves as the NFC reader and can scan the tag and transmit the information to your phone, where the information appears on the phone in the WayAround app. Use the WayLink Scanner for faster, continuous scanning, without the need to interface with your phone. (Scanning directly from the iPhone requires you to push the Read button after each scan.) WayLink is also ideal for any situation where you prefer to use your phone hands-free.

Applications and Different Tags
The many uses for WayAround are virtually limitless. Use the square, on-metal tags to label any metal can in your pantry. (Metal interferes with NFC technology, so therefore special tags are required.) Use a clip tag with a rubber band or a hairband to attach a tag to all the bottles and vials in your bathrooms. Two hole buttons can be sewn into the hems of clothing and can go through the laundry machine without any issue. Try to sew the buttons in the same place of your clothes so that you can find them more easily. The buttons (either with two holes or one long oval hole) can also withstand extreme temperatures and can be used on items in the freezer. Some people are also using the waterproof buttons to label plants and gardens, identifying each plant with information for species, fertilizer and watering information. How fun!

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Product Documentation

Product Manual
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