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Big Button Talking Calculator With Function Replay

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Product Description

This new Big Button Talking Calculator allows you to go back and listen to the data functions. Easy to use with color coded buttons, this calculator is easy to see and hear for both hard of hearing and low vision users.


  • Repeat allows you to listen to the most recent entry.
  • Auto replay will replay data entry for the whole function.
  • 3 volume settings, off/low/high, to adjust to your preferred level.
  • Earphone jack (earphone/headphone/ear bud not included).
  • Unit or digit reporting setting.
  • Operates on 2 AA batteries, not included.
  • Designed to automatically power off after 5 minutes of idle time.

Product Manual
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Product Specs

Sku: 241010
Weight: 0.720 each

Product Reviews

  • Great features!

  • This calculator is the only one I know of that allows user to hear the entire calculation entered with the touch of a button. This means that the numbers entered for the complete calculation can be audibly reviewed as needed and checked for accuracy. If correction is needed, this is possible as well through the check back or check forward buttons. It will also repeat only the last digit entered if that is what you choose. It gives the ability to correct a calculation rather than start all over again which I find helpful. It has clear, easy to understand speech.

  • Posted by Anonymous on Mar 18, 2016
  • big button calculator

  • The buttons are ivory with black lettering. Not yellow. There is no on/off button. There is a power port for a DC adaptor on right side but none sold with product.

  • Posted by Elizabeth Scherz on Apr 11, 2013