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Extra Large Button Talking Clock

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Product Description

This very simple talking clock is nothing but button, making it extremely easy to find and to use. The round clock base measures 4 ½" in diameter, and the high visibility speak button itself measures 3 ¾" across. The clock will speak the time in a clear male voice with one button tap, the date ("17, March, Tuesday" for example) with a second button tap and alarm set or off for a daily alarm. This clock also has a Hi/Lo volume setting on it's underside. The high volume is indeed loud. Clock operates on 3 AAA batteries (not included.)

Downloadable Instructions
For For the Adobe PDF Format Clock Instructions: Click Here.

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For the 1 page instructions in text Format: Click Here. This format can be used by screen readers as well as any text to speech player.

Product Specs

Sku: 101104
Weight: 0.350 each

Product Reviews

  • big button talking clock

  • My Great Aunt will be 105 years old in May 2016. She has lost some hearing and vision, and really missed being able to keep track of time. After trying a few little talking clocks that use high pitch voices that sound like children, though my father told me they sound like chickens, that were difficult to hear and understand, I started searching LS&S products. One review spoke of buying the Big Blue Button for her father and he carried it everywhere. This is the nicest clock, easy for anyone to manipulate, easy to hear as the maker used a man's loud voice, and has so enhanced my Great Aunt's day. She no longer has to sit and wonder the time of day. I believe she said it also tells the date, something she had to rely others for, also. I've purchased another Big Button Clock, just to have in case it's ever needed. Thanks to LS&S for making a talking clock others can actually hear!

  • Posted by Nancy Wheeler on Apr 15, 2016
  • Best Mother's Day Present

  • My 95 year old mom has macular degeneration and loves this button. She has two, one by her bedside and one in the den. Now, she doesn't need to ask anyone what time or day it is. The best mother's day present I could have found. Thanks.

  • Posted by Victoria Bowmann on Sep 3, 2015