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Microhearth Non-stick Grill Pan

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Product Description

Now you can grill, sauté and sear within your microwave!

This Microhearth microwave grill pan uses a unique high-heat resistant cooking technology which helps keep food moist and flavorful. The non-stick, scratch resistant microwave grill pan has raised ridges to give food seared grill marks and keep food out of drippings. Ideal for people who enjoy grilling or broiling meats, fish, or even vegetables. The durable body is formulated to safely perform under hottest temperatures. The ceramic-coated metal lid with standing handle allows you to rest it upright so moisture does not drip on your counter. The ceramic-coating on this pan is especially designed for use in the microwave.

Dimensions: 9 inches long x 10 inches wide x 4 inches high

Weight: 2.6 pounds (base and lid)

Product Manual
Click Here For The Microhearth User Guide

Here is a video about Microhearth Cookware

Product Specs

Sku: 421166
Weight: 3.000 each