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NoIR Small Fit Over, 10% Amber, IR

NoIR Small Fit Over, 10% Amber, IR
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NoIR filters can help people minimize eye discomfort and maximize visual resolution. Filter shade number 01 - medium amber - provides 100% infrared protection in addition to 100% ultraviolet protection. It allows in 10% of visible light and is an all-purpose filter color with good glare reduction and enhanced visual acuity. It also features blue blocker protection. It is often recommended for people with post-operative cataracts for general comfort. The fit-over style frame may be worn over most prescription frames or worn alone. It features side shields with temple lapped construction to keep out extraneous light and wind and it has curved temple pieces for a non-slip fit. The small frame measures 5 3/4" temple to temple. One year warranty. Above image is for style only and does not represent actual lens color.

The NOIR filter system offers a wide range of colored filters to help people minimize eye discomfort and maximize visual resolution. Different filter shades provide varying functions, combining relief from glare, contrast enhancement, and general relief of eye strain. Pick the filter which best suits your needs. Filter colors are then available in a wide variety of styles. All glasses come with a carrying case and include a one year warranty.
*BBP = Blue Blocker Protection

The following filters offer 100% Ultraviolet protection, but no infrared protection.
Filter Number Color Sample Color Visible Light Transmitted Description
58 Light Yellow 65% Heightens contrasts. Provides maximum brightness and enhances visual acuity.
20 Light Gray 58% Relieves indoor glare. Helpful under flourescent lighting.
50 Yellow 54% Heightens contrast, maximum brightness. *BBP
48 Light Amber 53% Has 100% ultraviolet protection
60 Orange 49% Provides high contrast; Intensifies backgrounds allowing wearers to see objects more clearly. *BBP
88 Light Plum 40% Has 100% ultraviolet protection.
21 Medium Gray 32% Soothing color sharpens focus and provides excellent glare protection.
81 Medium Plum 20% General purpose filter with glare reduction for enhanced visual acuity. *BBP
40 Amber 16% All purpose color heightens contrast and relieves glare. *BBP
22 Dark Gray 13% Extremely comfortable color; cuts glare and sharpens focus with natural color rendition.
30 Gray-Green 7% Glare protection with a low visible light tranmsmission.

The following "dark" filters keep out the maximum amount of light and glare. Good for people who are extremely light sensitive. All offer 100% Ultraviolet protection.
Filter Number Color Sample Color Visible Light Transmitted Description
23 Dark Gray 4% Comfortable color cuts glare, sharpens focus, and provides natural color rendition.
33 Dark Gray-Green 4% An extra dark filter and has 100% ultraviolet protection.
43 Dark Amber 4% Heightens contrast and relieves glare. *BBP
53 Dark Yellow 4% Combines contrast enhancement with glare reduction for visual acuity. *BBP
63 Dark Orange 4% Intensifies backgrounds for enhanced visual auity and increased contrast. *BBP
80 Dark Plum 4% General purpose filter for glare protection and enhanced visual acuity. *BBP

The following filters offer Infrared (IR) Protection in addition to 100% Ultraviolet protection. By reducing IR, these filters cut the overall heat energy bombarding the retina, providing a more soothing, comfortable viewing experience.
Filter Number Color Sample Color Visible Light Transmitted Description
11 Light Amber 40% Helpful on hazy, overcast days. Relieves sensitivity to indoor lighting. *BBP
12 Light Gray-Green 40% For indoor lighting and hazy days. Natural color rendition. *BBP
02 Medium Gray-Green 18% All purpose sunglass provides glare reduction and natural color rendition. *BBP
01 Medium Amber 10% All purpose sunglass for glare reduction and enhanced visual acuity. *BBP
07 Dark Amber 2% Relieves extreme photophobic light sensitivity. *BBP

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