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Reversible Prism Glasses

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Product Description

These right angle prism glasses have two settings to help people confined to one position for a long period of time. In one setting, a person can lie down on a bed, and easily view the television without lifting their head. Change the prism setting, and a standing person who is unable to lift their head can see straight in front of them.

Changing the setting requires removing a small hand screw and resetting.

Product Specs

Sku: 301109
Weight: 0.400 each

Product Reviews

  • Love the concept, but the headband is flimsy.

  • My neck is fused skull to C6 andI have used regular fixed angle prism glases since I first saw them in The Bucket List. I was excited to find prism glasses that allowed me to adjust the angle. Unfortunately the headband/ frame is lightweight plastic, doesn't support the weight of the lenses well, and is flimsy fragile. Despite keeping them in their case, they broke after a short time. I contacted the retailer hoping I could, at least order a replacement headband/frame and was told that my only option was to purchase a whole new pair. I wish that these lenses were available with the type of headband uses for the Optivisor. Until it's redesigned with a sturdier headband, I can't recommend it.

  • Posted by Renata Brenner on Nov 20, 2019