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Universal Finder One

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Expected: 5/29/2020

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The Universal Finder One (UFO) is a combination of a small portable piece of hardware (2" x .75") and three different iOS apps which are downloaded onto your own personal smartphone. Each app communicates with the UFO and is designed to promote more independence and mobility for a blind or visually impaired user, by allowing them to play, wander, travel, work, and discover with greater confidence and independence. The UFO can let a child play freely in a playground, allowing a blind parent to know where they are. When traveling, a UFO can mark the entrance to your lodging. They can be used to create points of interest in a person's daily routine, with internet links tied to each of those waypoints. For teachers and mobility instructors, multiple UFO's can be tailored and configured in different ways for diverse training activities. The more you spend time with the UFO, the more uses you will discover!

Family Care
The Family Care app allows a user to place the UFO disc on a person or an object, and set up allowable boundaries for that person or object and monitor them from the phone. Receive an alert when the person moves outside of the boundary. Sound the UFO from the phone to quickly page and locate the UFO.

Ways in which you can use Family Care:
• Monitor a child while playing in a playground
• Put a UFO in a laptop bag while traveling to ensure that it doesn't "wander"
• Give each person in a group a UFO so that each person can easily find the other. Great for larger areas like a shopping mall
• Attach a UFO to a dog while in a dog park

View a demo of the Family Care app

Download the Family Care app here:
(Apple store: t4ffamilycare)

Take Control
With the Take Control app, use multiple UFO's to create points of interest or reminders and To-Do lists. Set a range within which the UFO will be detected and create a network of important waypoints and relevant information. Add a detailed description and internet links to the point of interest. The description can provide detail about the point of interest, define a route to another place, provide further instruction of some sort, or offer a list of tasks. Within Take Control, set the distance from which you want the UFO to alert the phone. As you come within the range, the UFO will trigger the application and display the detailed message left for that activity or point of interest.

Ways in which you can use Take Control:
• Leave a UFO inside the entrance to a house or an office, with a list of things that need to be done when you enter
• When traveling, leave a UFO by the door to your residence to alert you when you approach the correct door
• In a new work environment, set up several UFO's to describe points of interest in the new building

View a demo of the Take Control app

Download the Take Control app here:
(Apple store: t4ftakecontrol)

Use multiple UFO's with the Playground app to assign different sounds and play order to a series of UFO's to mark areas of a play area (like the a goal post or a slide), or to create a "course" to follow. When the "Play" button is pushed, the different UFO's start to sound - using different sounds and in the order and time interval in which they were set up.

Ways in which you can use the Playground app:
• Place 2 UFO's to mark the edge of a goal box and have them sound every minute to mark the goal box
• Position several UFO's at different intervals along a 100 meter course to mark a race track for training
• Place several different UFO's in a "circuit" and have the users run through the circuit course

View a demo of the Playground app
Download the Playground app here:

(Apple store: t4fplayground)

Getting Started
Getting started is easy. For initial set up, charge your UFO using your own micro USB charger. (Cable not included.) Using your smartphone, scan the QR code on the product box, which will take you directly to the UFO website. Download the free apps directly from the website. Register the individual UFO within each app that you want to use. Start to configure the apps and discover all the different ways in which you can start to use your UFO. A single UFO can be separately paired and registered in each of the three applications. Each application can support multiple UFO's (6-10, depending on the smartphone.) It is recommended that if you switch between apps, turn off and then restart any related UFO. Works only with iOS.

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