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Victor Reader Stream Tutorials:

Enable Your Victor Reader Stream to play NLS books

There are 3 steps to register to the NLS BARD service and authorize your Victor Reader Stream to play NLS books and magazines.

Step 1 - Apply Online at the NLS BARD web site.

Access to the BARD website is restricted to eligible readers. You require a login id and password to use the BARD service. To apply for your username and password visit:


Select the link for the BARD application instructions which explain the criteria for participation. If you qualify, select the link to the BARD application form. Fill out this enrollment application completely and after activating the submit button the following page will offer a link to choose your player. Activate this link and select the Victor Reader Stream from the resulting list of players. If you are approved to participate, NLS will send you an e-mail message with your BARD site username and password. If there is a problem, you will receive a message explaining the problem.  Note: If you forget to select the Victor Reader Stream when applying you can still go back later after NLS approves your application. Simply log in to the BARD site with your new username and password and then select Account Settings to register your Victor Reader Stream.

Please note that your enrollment information will be shared with the National Library Service, Library of Congress and the Manufacturer (HumanWare)

Step 2- HumanWare will contact you

Once you have registered your Victor Reader Stream with NLS, NLS will notify HumanWare. HumanWare will then contact you by email with a link to a HumanWare web form where you will need to supply your Stream's serial number to authorize it to play NLS books. Please do not try to complete the HumanWare web form until you receive our email as we cannot process your request in advance.

Step 3 - Sending the NLS Authorization Key to You

After you complete the HumanWare web form, HumanWare will respond within 2 working days with a second email. Attached to this email will be an NLS authorization key file to install on your Stream. The email will contain the installation instructions. After you install the key file, you will be able to play NLS downloaded digital talking books and magazines as well as digital book cartridges.

Audio Tutorials:


01 Audio Clips for Your VR Streaqm by LSSproducts


02-Right Out of the Box (Stream and Companion CD) by LSSproducts


03-Stream Power On, Off, Reset by LSSproducts


04-Stream Loud and Clear (Volume, Speed, Tone) by LSSproducts


05-Hands on (Stream Keypad) by LSSproducts


06-Backside of the Stream (Battery and Cartridge Holder) by LSSproducts


07- Know Your Stream (Built-in User Guide and Key Describer) by LSSproducts


08-Sweet Memories (Stream SD Memory Cards) by LSSproducts


09-Stream Lifeline (Connecting to Your Computer) by LSSproducts


10-DAISY Blossoms (Introduction to DAISY) by LSSproducts


11-Your Library in Your Pocket (Stream Bookshelf) by LSSproducts


12-Too Many Files (Multi-Level Bookshelves) by LSSproducts


13-My Best Friend (Stream Companion) by LSSproducts


14-Sweet Dreams (Stream Sleep Key) by LSSproducts


15-Go, Go, Go (The Stream GoTo Key) by LSSproducts


16-Time Travel (Time Jump, Rewind, Forward) by LSSproducts


17-Oops, Need to Go Back (Stream Undo) by LSSproducts


18-Lost, But Not For Long (Stream Where Am I) by LSSproducts


19-Information Please (Stream Key 0) by LSSproducts


20-Text, Speech and Stream (reading Text) by LSSproducts


21-Lost and Found (Stream Text Search) by LSSproducts


22-Stream (Music to My Ears) by LSSproducts


23-Your Music Your Way (Stream Playlists) by LSSproducts


24-Say It and Remember It (Stream Recording) by LSSproducts


25-Get Up and Download by LSSproducts


26-Stream and Audible by LSSproducts


27-Off to the Movies (Stream and Serotek) by LSSproducts


28-Stream and Podcasts by LSSproducts


29-Remove this Book (Stream Delete Key) by LSSproducts


30-Never Lose Your Place (Stream Bookmarks) by LSSproducts


31-What is on the Menu (Stream Menu Key) by LSSproducts


32-Good as New (Updating Your Stream Software) by LSSproducts


Updating Your Victor Reader Stream to software version 3.3


Doc Format: Click Here to download the manual in DOC format. 
MHT Format: Click Here to download the manual in MHT format. This format will open the file in your browser and is very easy to navigate.


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